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I always recommend Melody Beattie’s work to people I meet in recovery.

Melody Beattie
Melody Beattie

Her breakthrough book, Codependent No More, changed my life. I first read it at a time when I was emotionally bereft from the implosion of a relationship in which I had entirely lost myself. A relationship framed by compulsion, distrust and chemical coping mechanisms. And with every chapter, it was like a light went on in my mind.

For me, Melody’s work is so powerful because it comes from her experience spent on both sides of the fence – and even on the fence itself!

She’s been the addict, watching her life fall apart as she pursued a drug habit that nearly killed her.

She’s been the codependent, feeling out of control as she lost herself in the behaviour of her alcoholic husband.

And yet, somehow, she made the transition to be the therapist.

Melody Beattie’s work.

Her work since has helped other addicts and codependents alike to find themselves with down-to-earth, practical advice that’s easy enough for anyone to understand and follow.

And amidst all that, she’s grieved the tragic loss of a son, and is still standing – and helping others to do the same.

I’ll be looking at Melody’s seminal early writing first on Healing Hub, before moving on to some of her newer books. And along the way I’ll probably reference her appearances on podcasts, videos and the like.

She’ll be a major touchstone of my work here, so get used to hearing and reading more about her and from her.

And if you’ve lived with an addict, or experienced addiction yourself first-hand, you could do a lot worse than starting your recovery in the same place I did…

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