An Encouraging Message

An encouraging message

I just received a timely reminder of why I’m working on Healing Hub.

On the Bank Holiday Monday, I got a call from a very upset recovery friend.

He was in bits.

It turned out he’d had some troubles involving his closest relationship, and the friendships associated with it. To the point where that relationship was now in jeopardy.

I felt for him. And I listened as he tried to turn the whirlwind going on in his head into a coherent, verbalised sequence of events.

(Listening here was the very least I could do. God knows, he’s done the same for me in the past!)

Knowing the background of his alcoholic family, it was pretty obvious that the current threat to his adult relationship was triggering all of that past trauma. And, to his credit, he could see that too.

After checking he was safe, I thought about how I might be able to help him.

A quick hit of self-help.

I’ll be honest, the dialogue in my head was something like: “Come on! You’re working on this site that’s designed to help people! You of all people should be able to offer him something!”

The ACoA UK Fellowship Header

I wasn’t exactly sure a YouTube video or book was going to give the quick hit of support he needed. So I suggested he seek out a local ACoA meeting; a fellowship I knew he’d never visited before.

I’ve heard very good things about ACoA. It helps people from dysfunctional families deal with latent formative PTSD symptoms, and I’d been told it went exceptionally deep into these things.

If anyone knew about enduring emotional pain, I suspected it would be the people in those rooms. I wasn’t sure, but I had a feeling it could help my friend.

Just over 24 hours on, the message I received from him really brought a smile to my face.

He’d found a local ACoA meeting and gone to it. In his text message, he called it “exactly what I needed”.

Heartache is universal.

I’m sharing that here because it just reaffirmed to me why I’ve chosen to put my energies into Healing Hub.

Everyone goes through situations where they’re hopelessly lost and deeply need support. Everyone.

There’s a million ways to deal with those times. But I firmly believe that if you have Healing Resources, you’re in the best place to cope and come out the other side in a healthy frame of mind.

Lending a helping hand.

I’ve done a lot of work over the last two years to know about the right kind of resources that can help to heal certain kinds of pain caused by certain kinds of experiences.

And whether you need quick relief, or a longer-term programme, I believe knowledge like that can really help you find the support at the times you need it most.

It definitely helped my friend. And that tells me I’m on the right track here.

I hope, when the site is up and fully running, it can help you too, in much the same way.

All the best,


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