How does codependency feel?

It’s a wild ride. (And not in a good way).

Ever thought you might be codependent? Or thought that perhaps someone in your life might be? If so, you’ve probably wondered: “How does codependency feel?”

This post on gives one insight into the mind of a triggered codependent person.

What does codependency feel like?

It looks at:

  • How a codependent might feel in a stressful situation
  • How those feelings might lead them to act
  • And how that might be experienced by someone else in their life.

Why you should read it.

How does codependency feel? Take it from me – it feels bloody awful!

It’s just not a healthy way to relate to other people.

And while, like with any other addiction, it is possible to function with it, there is always an impact to your life and relationships in the long run.

If you are codependent, or dealing with someone who is, getting educated about it is a good start. This article can help with that.

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