Introducing The Attachment Addiction Blog

The New Codependency Blog.

Before I had the idea for Healing Hub, I decided I wanted to start a blog about addictive relating.

I’d been in enough addictive relationships that I was beginning to feel like an expert on the subject anyway.

But it was more than that. I saw how complex the issues of codependency and love addiction could be. And I saw how scary they were for most people to engage with.

So I felt there was a gap in the self-help market for someone who talked about codependency issues in a different way. A way that that was more accessible, using real-world scenarios and plain, blunt, to-the-point English.

The Attachment Addiction Blog is where I’ll be doing that.

Break the chains of addictive attachment at
Tap the image to read the AttA Blog’s first post: ‘About Attachment Addiction’. (Opens in a new tab.)

As such, it’s also going to be a regular Healing Resource here at Healing Hub.

My hope is that the two sites can work together.

With I have a no-holds-barred blogging platform that can help Healing Hub readers get their heads around codependency in a new way.

(That’s what I’m trying to do with its first post, About Attachment Addiction, which you can read in a new tab by clicking here.).

Healing Hub, meanwhile, can help connect AttA readers with a wider pool of Healing Resources. So they begin their journey to emotional recovery in the best way possible.

That’s the idea, anyway.

I guess we’ll see how it goes!

All the best,


Read The Attachment Addiction Blog:

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