DDP - Diamond Dallas Page.

A quick introduction to Diamond Dallas Page

A real people’s Champion.

I’ve been a fan of Diamond Dallas Page for over 20 years. But it’s only in the past 18 months that he’s graduated to become one of my all-time inspirations.

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As a kid, I grew up watching professional wrestling. Starstruck at the time by the theatre of it all, I couldn’t have fathomed the anguish and turmoil that accompanied life on the road for many of its most famous performers.

The nicest guy in wrestling – or recovery.

While superstars like Sting (real name Steve Borden) and Lex Luger (Lawrence Wendell Pfohl) recovered from substance abuse issues and adultery to find God in later life, other superstars found divine intervention from a more Earthly source.

When 90s wrestling legends Scott Hall and Jake The Snake Roberts hit their all-time lows, it was their former wrestling colleague turned yoga trainer Diamond Dallas Page who helped them get back on their feet, using a new yoga system designed especially for people with impact-based injuries: DDP Yoga.

DDP [wh]Y? Because you gotta!

Exercise, of courses, increases endorphins, making it an essential component of fighting depression and low mood. The very same depression and low mood that can be caused by addictions to substances like narcotics or alcohol.

Once you’ve grasped that, it’s not difficult to see why DDPY was able to help people struggling with such emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually crippling issues. Or why such a potent and accessible exercise regime could be considered high on the list of Healing Resources for a site such as Healing Hub.

But don’t take my word for it.

Instead, tap below to have a watch of what Tony Robbins called “The most inspiring Video ever.” Then make a decision for yourself about whether DDP, his programme DDP Yoga, and its associated app, DDP Yoga Now, have a place in your own emotional and physical recovery.

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Okay, now… what do you think? Is DDP Yoga for you?

If so, check out the links below.

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