A quick introduction to Dr David Purves

Helping to make your blues begone.

I feel like I’ve spent many hours with Dr David Purves. And yet, in reality, I’ve never even met the man.

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In 2013 I sought help for depression from my then local health authority in Berkshire, UK.

It was a story depression sufferers will know well: work was getting on top of me; my relationships were suffering; my physical and mental health was flagging.

After an initial in-person assessment session, they recommended I take a course of CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

However, instead of a daily or weekly face-to-face appointment, they scheduled bi-weekly telephone calls. In the interim, they suggested I start using a computerised CBT program called Blues Begone, co-created by Dr David Purves.

Self-help for the 21st Century.

Dr David Purves | Healing Hub
Dr David Purves. Image credit: ‘Psychologist vs Psychiatrist – What’s the difference’ at http://drpurves.com/psychologist-vs-psychiatrist-whats-the-difference/

To say it helped would be an understatement.

I used Blues Begone for many months, and found it a real eye-opener. Never before had I thought about my own thoughts the way that program – gently and accessibly – led me to.

At first I answered some questions to establish my main issues and trigger points. And then I worked on my roadmap to recovery semi-regularly (admittedly, I was less consistent than the program suggested). In particular, I turned to it again and again when I experienced troubles in my relationships and self-esteem.

At times, just turning it on and making it through a chapter felt like an achievement. And somehow Blues Begone knew this. It guided me through with fun animations, jokes and stories alongside the more challenging tools and scientific explanations. And it even played a celebration message when I’d spent my 50th hour with it!

In particular, Dr David Purves’ work introduced me to the concept of ANTs – Automatic Negative Thoughts, which he insisted were never accurate, and always tried to bring you down. Awareness of this fact has been a key component of my recovery, especially at times where I felt like I really didn’t like myself. (A problem I’m sure everyone with depression has experienced).

How Dr David Purves can work for you.

Unfortunately, Blues Begone is no longer available as a Healing Resource. However, Dr Purves’ continuing work is.

More recently, Dr David Purves has taken everything he learned with Blues Begone and turned much of it into an app, Panic Pit Stop, which is available entirely for free on The App Store and Google Play.

Like Blues Begone, Panic Pit Stop introduces the concepts of anxiety and panic in non-threatening, accessible ways, and then aims to gives users easy-to-follow techniques and tools to help combat them.

Alongside Panic Pit Stop, Dr David Purves has also produced dozens of YouTube videos and articles that help people understand and manage anxiety and depression. He’s also regularly called upon by British media as an expert in the field of mental health and trauma. And of course, as a registered psychotherapist, he’s available for therapeutic services: both in-person, and to anyone anywhere via Skype.

Dr David Purves’ work.

Panic Pit Stop | Healing Hub
The Panic Pit Stop app.

I’m a huge advocate of Dr Purves’ innovative, modern and technological approach to treating mental health issues. And as such, I’ll be taking a look at that work first, with an in-depth look at Panic Pit Stop.

You can also expect to see his videos and articles pop up on Healing Hub as Healing Resources designed to help you manage anxiety and depression, and improve your quality of life.

After all, Dr David Purves’ work worked for me. I’m confident it can work for you, too.

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