Eddie Corbano, author of Love's A Game

A quick introduction to Eddie Corbano

The breakup recovery coach.

I remember it like it was yesterday. Going through my defining breakup, I felt like I had to understand exactly what had happened – and why. More importantly, I had to stop it happening again. I genuinely wasn’t sure I could survive another breakup like it. And that was when I found the work of Eddie Corbano.

Specifically, I landed on this post:

What I Wish Someone Had Told Me Right After My Breakup

It was like Eddie was peering right into my life and knew exactly what I was thinking, feeling and experiencing.

He had such incredible insight, and overwhelming empathy, that I read the entire article, despite its length, all the way to the end.

And then I went looking for more wisdom.

So I read this:

The Secret How To Get Over A Break Up

From ex-detox to new direction.

Eddie Corbano from LovesAGame.com
Eddie Corbano

In just two posts, Eddie had aligned with my heartbreak, reassured me it was going to be okay, told me what do in the short term (go ‘No Contact’) and in the longer term, given me a goal to focus on to help me move my life forwards: to boost my self esteem, and eventually find and follow my purpose.

(Which, incidentally, is what I believe I’m doing now with this site!)

Eddie Corbano’s work.

So powerful are Eddie’s articles that I have no problem at all in recommending you visit his site, LovesAGame.com if you ever find you’re going through a breakup.

And, if you need it, I’m sure you’ll find a wealth of relief from his Ex-Detox Course, too.

Or if you’re too busy to scour Eddie’s archives, keep coming back to Healing Hub, where I’ll periodically be doing that for you and reposting links to his best advice.

All the best,


Get Started with Eddie Corbano’s work:

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