A quick intro to Lisa A Romano Breakthrough Life Coach

A quick introduction to Lisa A Romano

The ACoA Life Coach.

It might sound dramatic, but I’m not sure I’d be around right now if it wasn’t for Lisa A Romano.

And I almost certainly wouldn’t be where I am in my recovery from codependency.

When I hit my true rock bottom, I’d watch her videos every night to get me through.

Video credit: YouTube Channel Lisa A. Romano Breakthrough Life Coach Inc.

I learned an incredible amount from them about the way low-boundaried, codependently-minded people typically attract to walled-off, narcissistically-minded partners.

And as my recovery progressed, I often turned to Lisa’s work for practical advice. Particularly on setting boundaries, and being mindful of my own values around difficult people.

But perhaps the thing I’ve always appreciated most about Lisa was the warmth and kindness in her words. As she insisted “Dear one, you are enough,” I felt she was on my side – at a time when few others were; least of all myself!

Lisa A Romano’s work.

Alongside her incredibly popular YouTube channel, Lisa A Romano is also a life coach, a best-selling author, and has guested on many recovery-related podcasts and blog sites. Her work in all of its guises helps people from abusive and dysfunctional backgrounds find the road back to themselves.

She’s a little on the spiritual side, often talking about God being inside us, and how we are all “Light warriors” who are “Made of stardust.” So if you’re strongly agnostic, that may stretch her believability a bit.

But on the whole, Lisa A Romano’s message is a simple one: codependent or not, we’re all inherently good. To recover from trauma, we first need to reconnect with that innate goodness before we can move forwards and be happy.

I love Lisa’s work, and have always found it incredibly inspiring – not to mention hopeful, and insightful. I’m sure you will too.

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