A quick introduction to Matthew Hussey

Helping you get the guy (or girl!) – and life – you want.

Matthew Hussey is, in some ways, the UK’s more understated and mild-mannered answer to Tony Robbins.

That might sound like a big claim, if you know anything about Robbins’ legacy. (He’s very much the most mainstream influential self-help personality on the planet), But Hussey’s own body of work is fast growing in acclaim – particularly in one particular niche.

A student of self-help books himself since childhood, Matthew Hussey has found himself a very lucrative life as a self-styled ‘Dating coach’. His early days were spent helping guys to Get The Girl – and now, he helps the fairer sex try to find their confidence, find themselves, and ultimately, find the guy of their dreams – and hold on to him.

Get The Guy is the name of Hussey’s most popular programme. The video above is a very good example of the kind of advice and thinking he dishes out on it.

Matthew Hussey’s work.

Alongside his coaching programme and seminars, Matthew Hussey also runs a weekly radio show and Podcast, Love Life, and regularly posts on YouTube. He’s also a best-selling self-help author, columnist, ‘Love Expert’ on The Today show, and has released a whole host of guides detailing things like what to text guys in order to generate attraction – and weed out the players.

But don’t take my word for it. Let him tell you himself, in his own words:

While his work these days is geared (much like Natalie Lue‘s) towards women, much of Matthew Hussey’s advice and understanding of human behaviour is relevant to anyone in the world of dating (and what a cutthroat world it is!).

Also… he’s funny! Matthew Hussey’s videos are put together with a lot of thought behind them, and he’s not averse to having fun with the subject matter, as you’ll see below.

But perhaps what I like most about Matthew Hussey’s work – far more so than Tony Robbins’ – is that it’s bitesize. His videos and podcast clips rarely run past 10 minutes, and even his seminars last an afternoon.

A family affair.

On top of that, Matthew isn’t the only Hussey on the self-help bandwagon. In fact, his brother writes much of Hussey’s blog, while his father helps by taking some seminars. It really is a family affair – which can’t help but make the whole enterprise feel that little bit more authentic.

If you’re jaded with dating, feeling the tug of heartbreak, or just looking to regain some confidence, Matthew Hussey’s work will have something for you – I can guarantee it.

Get started with Matthew Hussey.

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