A quick introduction to Tony Robbins

Helping you understand and change your emotional patterns.

I first came across Tony Robbins via a Facebook ad featuring Tony giving a talk about managing your emotions. It made such sense to me, I felt compelled to try some of his suggestions out – and to tell people I knew about his words.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was actually watching probably the world’s most successful self-help guru – or, as he calls himself, “peak performance coach.”

For instance, Tony Robbins is the man Bill Clinton called when the then-President was about to be impeached. And in a career spanning almost 40 years, he’s helped some of the wealthiest and most powerful people on the planet get to the top, and stay there.

No wonder I found him so inspiring!

Tony Robbins: a two-video primer.

I’ve searched and searched for the video I first saw to show here, and simply couldn’t find it. But that’s okay. If there’s one thing I’ve learned form Tony, it’s that failure happens – but it’s how you adapt to it that defines you.

So instead, I’ve fished out a couple of videos that explain what Tony Robbins is all about.

The first one tells his personal story, from his defining Christmas in his dysfunctional family of origin, to the moment in adulthood that he made a decision that changed his life forever:

Video Credit: Goalcast YouTube channel (Opens in a new window).

The second is a great primer on Tony’s approach to understanding people:

Video credit: Ted Talk YouTube Channel (Opens in a new window).

The ‘why’ guy.

As he says in the second video, Tony Robbins is driven why do we do the things we do, in ways big and small. From why we respond to negativity in certain ways; to how we experience and handle depression, grief and loss; to the ways some people manage to succeed in the worst of times – Tony Robbins offers insights into it all.

If you delve into his work, you’ll soon start to get some answers – and with those answers, you’ll probably start to understand yourself, and others, a little bit better.

And once you understand better, your personal relationships can really start to change for the better, too.

From insight to strategy – to emotional mastery.

Alongside the ‘why’, Tony Robbins is a master of strategy. His self-help advice is never about motivation. (In fact, one of his favourite sayings is that motivation never lasts).

Instead, Tony Robbins believes in creating rituals and positive patterns that reinforce themselves when you’ve used them often enough.

To that end, his talks often present step-by-step approaches that you can take for yourself, adapt to your life in all sorts of ways, and follow consistently – often, for massive results.

Tony Robbins’ work.

More than anything, Tony Robbins likes to break the complex down to the simple, present it in easy-to-follow language, and give you common sense tools for making your life better. And that’s why I’ll be covering a great deal of his work on Healing Hub.

Most prominently, I’ll feature videos where Tony Robbins explains those strategies and tools. They’ll fit neatly into the ‘Self-Help and Moving Forwards‘ section, and should be a great use if you’re trying to put pain behind you and find your life’s purpose.

You can also look out for coverage of Tony Robbins books, articles and events here on Healing Hub. Also, look out for an article here in the not-so-far future where I explain how I’ve taken and used one of those strategies in creating this very site. 

Or, if you can’t wait for that, check out the links below.

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