love avoidant relationships cause untold pain and trigger anxious relating patterns.

Six signs your partner is a love avoidant

Understanding the flip-side of love addiction.

love avoidant relationships cause untold pain and trigger anxious relating patterns.Ever been in a relationship with a partner who was an emotionally walled-off, closed-down ‘love avoidant’? I have.

And I’ve been the partner who grew to become that way, too.

Now you see me…

It’s a common pattern, First, a needy partner attracts to distant partner. Then after an intense bonding period full of chemistry and laughter, reality sets in. And one day, you wonder who it is you’re waking up next to.

That’s when the distancing strategies start. The person you fell in love with no longer seems at all interested in you in the way they once were. And yet at the same time, trying to get them to acknowledge it, or validate you, can be like banging your head against a brick wall.

It’s an incredibly painful experience, feeling like the one person you want to be closest to is the one person you can’t get close to. And if you have issues with anxious attachment, there’s very little that’s more triggering.

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This post on will help you understand:

  • What love avoidance is
  • How love avoidants act
  • What makes a person into a love avoidant
  • And the telltale signs you might have picked a love avoidant for a partner

Avoiding the love avoidant.

It’s not a post that will help you figure out a solution. But then there’s other Healing Resources for that. (Specifically, you might want to check out the work of Pia Mellody and Lisa A Romano).

But at least if you give this article a read, you’ll be in a better place to take the first step of understanding what it is you’re dealing with.

And, if you find yourself always drawn to these kinds of painful relationships, you’ll at least be better prepared to avoid love avoidants in future.

Learn more about Love Avoidants:

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