Welcome To Healing Hub

Welcome to Healing Hub!

Get ready to recover – and grow.

An introduction to Healing Hub and how it can help your emotional recovery…

A few years ago I went through a traumatic breakup that all-but washed away my old life.

(If you want the deeper story behind that, you can read it here).

To cope with the upheaval, I threw myself into emotional recovery work and began learning everything I could to make sure I didn’t go through that again.

I set up Healing Hub to help share some of the resources I found during that time (along with related ones), as well as the insight I’ve gleaned along the way.

What’s your pattern?

The Cycle of CodependencyPeople are, of course, all unique, with individual stories and backgrounds. But, as Tony Robbins points out, there are only so many patterns.

When you know what to look for, it’s not so hard to spot the typical coping strategies and behavioural patterns that play out between people from all walks of life.

And when you understand that, it can get much, much easier to deal with the difficulties that crop up in your family, friendships, and love (or sex) relationships.

That was certainly what I found. And I’m still learning. Which means I’ll have more to keep sharing here! That’s pretty exciting.

Start here.

Change is just ahead.My hope is that, if you are suffering from deeply-rooted relationship trauma, as I was, that this site gives you a starting point towards getting better.

And, just as importantly, I hope it provides a stepping stone towards a thorough, sustainable recovery. So that you don’t keep experiencing the same painful patterns in a slightly different way each time.

I have big plans for content, right across this site, its sister site AttachmentAddiction.com, and social media. So keep and eye out for that!

Got a question about Healing Hub?

I’m always open to suggestions for new content. So please do let me know in the comments if you find something that helped you, or you think might help others.

Till then, I hope you enjoy the site!

Look after yourself…

All the best,


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