Healing Hub starts you on the road to recovery

What is Healing Hub?

Where Recovery Begins.

About Healing Hub:

Healing Hub is a UK-based website that collects, shares and reports on the content of the self-help, wellbeing and recovery industries in a journalistic capacity.

The goal of Healing Hub is simply to help anyone suffering with deep emotional distress, relationship-related trauma, personal relating problems or compulsive-addictive tendencies, to find the right Healing Resources for their own personal journey.

In doing so, Healing Hub is also designed to help the producers of that content by expanding their audience, so they can reach and help even more people in need.

Whether you are recovering, or helping people to recover, Healing Hub is for you.

Content that leads to contentment.

The content shared here can help those who are struggling with grief (in any form) to not only recover, but to learn, grow, and move forwards happily, without repeating the same unhealthy patterns.

If you have a painful past, a despairing present, or you worry about having a bleak future, there is help available. No matter how low you feel, you can first survive – and eventually thrive.

It is my deep hope that Healing Hub can help to point you in the right direction.

All the best,


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